Friday, February 24, 2012

Hale Cole Sanchez

Well as promised I have finally gotten Hale up and ready for download! 

Skin: HERE
Everyday Top: HERE
Everyday Pants:  HERE
Everyday Shoes:  HERE
Formal Tux:  HERE


Just some random ones I have taken with some SCARS for his Portvale Character

Okay enough of Hale Picture Spam ^.^  Hope you guys enjoy him <3
Smirkeh -


Ah Fresh Starts and Poptarts

So once again here I am staring at my blog thinking to myself... My blog looks like crap... so I took my old love for website building and took it to heart to give the small blog a small face lift. Which I am quite in love with now. Having it grace with some of my favorite colors along with some of my favorite Comp assignment pictures. Which yes of course I will be spamming it up ^.^

 Dark Shadows of course. We were to show our model as a doll. So I picked a puppet tied up by barbwire with a broken doll (Hale <3) reaching out to her with a... well dark look on his face. 
Another Dark Shadows Assignment. Which I surprisingly managed to take first on this round. lol
Haphazard, we were to take our model, mine being Phoenix, into a some sort of fairytale. So I picked Red Riding Hood, with an industrial modern twist.

Though working on getting Hale up, and hopefully that will be soon. Just the matter of rounding up all his CC. 

Smirkeh -

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Just a bit of Random.

Well I figured I'd try and keep this thing updated as much as possible. So I figured I'd spam up this post with some recent edits ^.^ 
This here was an Edit for my Dark Shadows Assignment, Objective was to have evil like surrounding along with the model being blindfolded 

Just a random Skin Shading Edit of one of my Character of Portvale :)

You can also check the rest of my edits out over on my Flickr account. 

I also had some delight in tormenting some of my characters, from PV, mostly Phoenix hehe with having a dog and being mocked by Ian. 
Oh I do have another Sim I might be putting up for Download later. Goes by the name of Hale. 
Makes a smexi Vampire too <3

Okay, I'm done with the small bits of picture spam and I pretty much have nothing to do but going back to being bored >.<
Smirkeh -