Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Smirkeh's Moved To Tumblr

Alright, for those of you who follow my blog I am now officially up and on Tumblr :)

I've also added up my drowning pose pack on there as well. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drowning Pose Pack Coming Soon

Right, so I finally figured out the gimmicks of pose making ^.^ and I have taken it on myself on making my poses dedicated to something other then fashion. No offense we have enough of those, and I myself being a comp junkie I like to look for things that can be used in any given assignment that doesn't revolve around fashion. As of late I have been partaking in a comp on Unbound called Epic Designs. Revolving around pure editing. So I was looking for some poses and still hadn't come across anything that would be useful for this assignment. So I created my own. I am in the process of Updating with better pictures for thumbnails and switching it all over for the mere awesomeness of pose playlist. :) So here's the shots that I  have for this upcoming Pose Pack.
Not that great of pictures as they were mostly just snapshots of what they were. Once the Pose Pack is released, there will be better quality of photos as long as some references on just how these poses were manipulated into some awesome edits :)


Friday, April 6, 2012

Well Let's Just Say I fell Off a Chair

So its been awhile again since I posted a sim or anything as such. Been fairly busy or so it seems anyways. With the car accident I was in and the vacation before hand. Things have been pretty crazy! Though I have another male sim available for download only exclusive to my blog. Seeing as I don't want to upload him to the exchange as of yet. Though here is Jacoby Sanders. 

Okay I don't have full body shot, but all his clothes are from the game itself. The list below contains all other CC needed to make him him <3
Do enjoy!

His CC: 

I haven't a clue where his contacts are from or his eyebrows >.< though I am searching!

Also random Picture spam of a few upcoming simlets <3
Miandra Mickleson
Emery Nacht also Phoenix's brother <3 

Though that is it I suppose lol, I shall have some more uploads soon :)
Smirkeh -

Friday, March 2, 2012

Crash Carts and Flat Lines

Ah, so I've been working on some poses. None that I have been able to fully finish yet because Milkshape keeps crashing on me now.. Though I am working out the kinks and hopefully after my week long vacation to Vegas I'll have my first pose set released. I'm making a strict pose set based off of Repo! The Genetic Opera. I've become quite obsessed with the movie! Just a small sneak peek on what hopefully is to come here down the road! 

So here's to me hoping I can figure things out lol that and my computer will run it when I get it back that is. Currently my regular laptop has officially died from the motherboard going out on me. Thankful enough that I have access to another one! Anyways on another matter, I just finished with my newest Dark Shadows Assignment!
Theme was Steampunk :) But I'm hoping I went with enough of that vibe with his edit. I think it took me about 4 hours to fully complete it. Anyways, happy simming!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hale Cole Sanchez

Well as promised I have finally gotten Hale up and ready for download! 

Skin: HERE
Everyday Top: HERE
Everyday Pants:  HERE
Everyday Shoes:  HERE
Formal Tux:  HERE


Just some random ones I have taken with some SCARS for his Portvale Character

Okay enough of Hale Picture Spam ^.^  Hope you guys enjoy him <3
Smirkeh -


Ah Fresh Starts and Poptarts

So once again here I am staring at my blog thinking to myself... My blog looks like crap... so I took my old love for website building and took it to heart to give the small blog a small face lift. Which I am quite in love with now. Having it grace with some of my favorite colors along with some of my favorite Comp assignment pictures. Which yes of course I will be spamming it up ^.^

 Dark Shadows of course. We were to show our model as a doll. So I picked a puppet tied up by barbwire with a broken doll (Hale <3) reaching out to her with a... well dark look on his face. 
Another Dark Shadows Assignment. Which I surprisingly managed to take first on this round. lol
Haphazard, we were to take our model, mine being Phoenix, into a some sort of fairytale. So I picked Red Riding Hood, with an industrial modern twist.

Though working on getting Hale up, and hopefully that will be soon. Just the matter of rounding up all his CC. 

Smirkeh -

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Just a bit of Random.

Well I figured I'd try and keep this thing updated as much as possible. So I figured I'd spam up this post with some recent edits ^.^ 
This here was an Edit for my Dark Shadows Assignment, Objective was to have evil like surrounding along with the model being blindfolded 

Just a random Skin Shading Edit of one of my Character of Portvale :)

You can also check the rest of my edits out over on my Flickr account. 

I also had some delight in tormenting some of my characters, from PV, mostly Phoenix hehe with having a dog and being mocked by Ian. 
Oh I do have another Sim I might be putting up for Download later. Goes by the name of Hale. 
Makes a smexi Vampire too <3

Okay, I'm done with the small bits of picture spam and I pretty much have nothing to do but going back to being bored >.<
Smirkeh -


Monday, January 30, 2012

Phoenix Carsten Nacht

Well since Nims has proclaimed that I have not posted in my blog in some time I am releasing a full version of Phoenix <3 Of course he is one of 4 characters I have over on Portvale. Which is an overly epic Sims 3 RPG! Phoenix is my integrated Witch Hunter hehe. Though enough fawning over my love of him here are a few shots of the lovely hunk of a Sim. 
Only CC Used on the uploaded version of Phoenix can be found HERE and HERE
One for the beard used and one for the skin.

Sims 3 Package: