Friday, April 6, 2012

Well Let's Just Say I fell Off a Chair

So its been awhile again since I posted a sim or anything as such. Been fairly busy or so it seems anyways. With the car accident I was in and the vacation before hand. Things have been pretty crazy! Though I have another male sim available for download only exclusive to my blog. Seeing as I don't want to upload him to the exchange as of yet. Though here is Jacoby Sanders. 

Okay I don't have full body shot, but all his clothes are from the game itself. The list below contains all other CC needed to make him him <3
Do enjoy!

His CC: 

I haven't a clue where his contacts are from or his eyebrows >.< though I am searching!

Also random Picture spam of a few upcoming simlets <3
Miandra Mickleson
Emery Nacht also Phoenix's brother <3 

Though that is it I suppose lol, I shall have some more uploads soon :)
Smirkeh -