Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drowning Pose Pack Coming Soon

Right, so I finally figured out the gimmicks of pose making ^.^ and I have taken it on myself on making my poses dedicated to something other then fashion. No offense we have enough of those, and I myself being a comp junkie I like to look for things that can be used in any given assignment that doesn't revolve around fashion. As of late I have been partaking in a comp on Unbound called Epic Designs. Revolving around pure editing. So I was looking for some poses and still hadn't come across anything that would be useful for this assignment. So I created my own. I am in the process of Updating with better pictures for thumbnails and switching it all over for the mere awesomeness of pose playlist. :) So here's the shots that I  have for this upcoming Pose Pack.
Not that great of pictures as they were mostly just snapshots of what they were. Once the Pose Pack is released, there will be better quality of photos as long as some references on just how these poses were manipulated into some awesome edits :)