Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Just a bit of Random.

Well I figured I'd try and keep this thing updated as much as possible. So I figured I'd spam up this post with some recent edits ^.^ 
This here was an Edit for my Dark Shadows Assignment, Objective was to have evil like surrounding along with the model being blindfolded 

Just a random Skin Shading Edit of one of my Character of Portvale :)

You can also check the rest of my edits out over on my Flickr account. 

I also had some delight in tormenting some of my characters, from PV, mostly Phoenix hehe with having a dog and being mocked by Ian. 
Oh I do have another Sim I might be putting up for Download later. Goes by the name of Hale. 
Makes a smexi Vampire too <3

Okay, I'm done with the small bits of picture spam and I pretty much have nothing to do but going back to being bored >.<
Smirkeh -


MzDiamond92 said...

Hot male Simmys <3 :O :O :O Must. Get. Hale :D lol

LittleSmirk said...

hehe Hale <3 working on getting his linky up

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